Regional News

Regional News

A new form of administrative punishment introduced for fans-hooligans in Belarus. It is a ban on attending sports competitions. Now the rebels, disturbing the public order during the game matches, can pay not only with the ruble, but also with a place in the stadium. The new law was published on 28th of July, and will come into force already within three months. In the meantime, we will try to find out what the fans of Grodno hockey and football fan-sectors are really busy with and whether there are many hooligans among them. 

 You can buy everything you need, not on the Sovetskaya Square, but on the site of the Almy hypermarket on Cosmonauts Avenue.

For two days the city center will be occupied by musicians, artists, actors and, of course, fire show masters. On Saturday and Sunday VII "Big-mini-festival".

Tickets for the II European Games will be available on sale from the 1st of December. This was announced today by Maxim Koshkald, the marketing manager of the fund "Directorate of the II European Games of 2019". 

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Окт 15, 2018 1230

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