Regional News

Regional News

Tickets for the II European Games will be available on sale from the 1st of December. This was announced today by Maxim Koshkald, the marketing manager of the fund "Directorate of the II European Games of 2019". 

 The project "The Pearls of the Little Motherland". Augustow Canal: age-old manors, sluicing and tourists

The ascetic castle of Gediminas proudly rises above Lida, reminding about glorious and heroic past of our land. It will hardly impressa tourist by its luxury, but certainly by its greatness. It was built in 1320 by the order of Gediminas, Duke of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, along with castles in Novogrudok, Kreva, Medniki and Troki. It was intended to protect lands from enemies. 

XII Country-wide Festival of National Cultures will be held in Grodno from 1st to 3rd of June.

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Welcome to Ancient Skidel (video)

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