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Вторник, 15 Май 2018 19:13

There are 500 tons!

Автор  Stanislav MAYEVSKY
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On Monday for the first time in the history of the Grodno county cattle breeders have achieved outstanding result. They have obtained 500 tons of milk in a day.


It was succeeded to come to such level, according to the head of department of agriculture and food of the Grodno county executive committee Gennady Aksamit, thanks to observance of a number of the technological modes. Receiving a new healthy livestock, cultivation of calfs and the maintenance of cattle played the important role in it. Preparation of qualitative forages in this chain – more than essential factor.

"It took many years to achieve such a good result, – Gennady Tadeushevich has emphasized. – According to my calculations we will add 11 more tons by the end of May. Achievement, certainly, pleases us. It was not easy. It is important to keep such tendency in the future. The tasks set by the head of the region for us are difficult. But I don't think that when we execute them, we will be allowed to take a rest".

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